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The education provided by the Faculty of Agriculture is characterized by wide-ranging lectures, experimentation and abundant field study to produce graduates capable of making careers in the areas of bioscience and field science. The Faculty also contributes energetically to the region, mainly through the Field Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, and carries out international exchange.

Faculty of Agriculture Niigata University

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1 Formation of Polycyclic Compounds from Phenols by Fast Pyrolysis / Akazawa, Minami,Kojima, Yasuo,Kato, Yoshiaki -- E-CroniconFeb-2015 EC Agriculture Vol.1 no.2 p.67-85
2 Pyrolysis of Barks from Three Japanese Softwood / Umemura, Aki,Enomoto, Ryohei,Kounosu, Taku,Orihashi, Ken,Kato, Yoshiaki,Kojima, Yasuo -- The Japan Institute of EnergyOct-2014 Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy Vol.93 no.10 p.953-957
3 農業インターンシップの事業特性と事業効果 : 参加者満足度と雇用実現の規定要因 / 木南, 章,木南, 莉莉 -- 日本農業経営学会Jul-2014 農業経営研究 Vol.52 no.1-2 p.43-48
4 Kenaf as a Bioresource for Production of Hydrogen-rich Gas / Kojima, Yasuo,Kato, Yoshiaki,Yoon, Seung-Lak,Lee, Myong-Ku -- OMICS Publishing GroupJun-2014 Agrotechnology Vol.3 no.1 p.125-133
5 Photoyellowing of chemically modified chemithermomechanical pulps (CTMP) from Eucalyptus globulus under various atmospheres / Kojima, Yasuo,Kato, Yoshiaki,Ishikura, Yukiko,Yoon, Seung-Lak,Ona, Toshihiro -- Walter de GruyterJan-2014 Holzforschung Vol.68 no.2 p.143-149
6 Chemical properties of bio-oils produced by fast pyrolysis of bamboo / Kato, Yoshiaki,Kohnosu, Taku,Enomoto, Ryohei,Akazawa, Minami,Yoon, Seung-Lak,Kojima, Yasuo -- The Materials Research Society of Japan2014 Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan Vol.39 no.4 p.491-498
7 消費者の水産物に対する意識構造の要因分析 : 持続可能な水産物フードシステムの構築に向けて / 木南, 莉莉,古澤, 慎一,桑原, 考史 -- 日本農業経済学会Dec-2013 農業経済研究. 別冊, 日本農業経済学会論文集 Vol.2013 p.250-257
8 Factors of Attractiveness in Strategic Regional Agricultural Development : Case Study from Seiro-machi, Japan / Kiminami, Lily,Kiminami, Akira,Furuzawa, Shinichi -- 日本地域学会Oct-2013 地域学研究 Vol.43 no.2 p.241-257
9 Knowledge Creation through International Cooperation in Agriculture / Kiminami, Lily,Furuzawa, Shinichi -- 日本地域学会Aug-2013 地域学研究 Vol.43 no.1 p.79-87
10 中国内陸部農村における農地流動化の特徴と展望 : 四川省眉山市S村の事例から / 李, 英花,伊藤, 亮司,青柳, 斉 -- 地域農林経済学会Jun-2013 農林業問題研究 Vol.49 no.1 p.131-136

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