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TitleAuthors Date of Issue
Feasibility of restorative proctocolectomy in patients with ulcerative colitis-associated lower rectal cancer : A retrospective studyHotta, Shinnosuke; 堀田, 真之介25-Mar-2019
Phenotypic analysis of asthma in Japanese athletesTsukioka, Keisuke; 月岡, 啓輔25-Mar-2019
Amlodipine Inhibits Vascular Cell Senescence and Protects Against Atherogenesis Through the Mechanism Independent of Calcium Channel BlockadeKayamori, Hiromi; 萱森, 裕美25-Mar-2019
Brain hyperserotonemia causes autism-relevant social deficits in miceTanaka, Miho; 田中, 美歩25-Mar-2019
Effects of olanzapine on resting heart rate in Japanese patients with schizophreniaTajiri, Misuzu; 田尻, 美寿々25-Mar-2019
Cancers among adolescents and young adults at one institution in JapanKamimura, Kensuke; 上村, 賢介25-Mar-2019
Pathological alterations of chondroitin sulfate moiety in postmortem hippocampus of patients with schizophreniaYukawa, Takayuki; 湯川, 尊行25-Mar-2019
Differences in the adsorption of nafamostat mesilate between polyester-polymer alloy and polysulfone membranesGoto, Sawako; 後藤, 佐和子25-Mar-2019
Bivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Effectiveness in a Japanese Population : High Vaccine-Type–Specific Effectiveness and Evidence of Cross-ProtectionKudo, Risa; 工藤, 梨沙25-Mar-2019
Clonal Expansion and Diversification of Cancer-Associated Mutations in Endometriosis and Normal EndometriumSuda, Kazuaki; 須田, 一暁25-Mar-2019
Histological detection of dynamic glial responses in the dysmyelinating Tabby-jimpy mutant brainIkeda, Masanao; 池田, 正直25-Mar-2019
Role of fatty liver in the association between obesity and reduced hepatic insulin clearanceMatsubayashi, Yasuhiro; 松林, 泰弘25-Mar-2019
Higher pulse pressure predicts initiation of dialysis in Japanese patients with diabetesOsawa, Taeko; 大澤, 妙子25-Mar-2019
Characterisation of N-glycans in the epithelial-like tissue of the rat cochleaNonomura, Yoriko; 野々村, 頼子25-Mar-2019
Early repolarization and risk of lone atrial fibrillationHasegawa, Yuki; 長谷川, 祐紀25-Mar-2019
Increased presepsin levels are associated with the severity of fungal bloodstream infectionsBamba, Yuuki; 番場, 祐基25-Mar-2019
The morphology, size and density of the touch dome in human hairy skin by scanning electron microscopyKabata, Yudai; 加畑, 雄大25-Mar-2019
Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Induced Bone Marrow-Derived Macrophages Synergistically Improve Liver Fibrosis in MiceWatanabe, Yusuke; 渡邉, 雄介25-Mar-2019
Optimal Position of Inferior Vena Cava Cannula in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery : A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled, Double-Blind StudySeino, Yutaka; 清野, 豊25-Mar-2019
Prognostic impact of the tumor immune microenvironment in synovial sarcomaOike, Naoki; 大池, 直樹25-Mar-2019
The association of epileptic focus estimated by magnetoencephalography with cognitive function in non-lesional epilepsy with continuous spikes and waves during slow wave sleep (ECSWS) childrenMagara, Shinichi; 眞柄, 慎一25-Mar-2019