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TitleAuthors Date of Issue
Effect of peripherally and cortically evoked swallows on jaw reflex responses in anesthetized rabbitsSuzuki, Taku; 鈴木, 拓20-Sep-2018
Donor–host tissue interaction in allogenic transplanted tooth germ with special reference to periodontal tissueNakaki, Tetsuro; 中木, 哲朗29-Jun-2018
Effect of volition on chewing and swallowing behaviors in healthy humansAshiga, Hirokazu; 阿志賀, 大和23-Mar-2018
Association of liver enzyme levels and alveolar bone loss : A cross-sectional clinical study in Sado IslandKuroki, Ayumi; 黒木, 歩23-Mar-2018
Effects of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy and local administration of minocycline on clinical, microbiological, and inflammatory markers of periodontal pocketsHokari, Takahiro; 保苅, 崇大23-Mar-2018
てんかんの食事療法が口腔健康状態に及ぼす影響の検討中野, 恵美子23-Mar-2018
Repeated transfection of human deciduous teeth-derived dental pulp cells with reprogramming factors enables efficient generation of multipotent intermediate cells that are more susceptible to iPS cell formationSaito, Miki; 斎藤, 美樹23-Mar-2018
The effect of ROCK inhibitors on bone remodeling and rat experimental tooth movementNakata, Juri; 中田, 樹里23-Mar-2018
学童期検診における開口量および開閉口時顎関節音の縦断的調査鈴木, 英弘; Suzuki, Hidehiro23-Mar-2018
Aggravation of collagen-induced arthritis by orally administered Porphyromonas gingivalis through modulation of the gut microbiota and gut immune system.Sato, Keisuke; 佐藤, 圭祐23-Mar-2018
超音波診断装置を用いた骨格性下顎前突症患者の嚥下時舌運動様相の検討阿部, 遼23-Mar-2018
Cytoplasmic expression of SOX9 as a poor prognostic factor for oral squamous cell carcinomaSumita, Yoshimasa; 隅田, 賢正23-Mar-2018
Evaluation of the Ca ion release, pH and surface apatite formation of a prototype tricalcium silicate cementYamamoto, shinichi; 山本, 信一23-Mar-2018
Expression of neprilysin in periodontitis-affected gingival tissuesNezu, Arata; 根津, 新23-Mar-2018
介護保険施設における栄養・口腔衛生管理に係る介護報酬請求算定状況と歯科専門職等の参画状況との関連大塚, 紘未23-Mar-2018
Inter-individual variation of bolus properties in triggering swallow during chewing in healthy humansMaeda, Rumiko; 前田, 留美子23-Mar-2018
クラスター分析による骨格性下顎前突症例における正貌パターンの分類本多, 綾子23-Mar-2018
顔面非対称を伴う骨格性下顎前突症例における側頭骨部と下顎骨形態についての三次元分析河村, 智子23-Mar-2018
口腔内超音波走査における粘膜上皮層に関するファントムを用いた基礎的検討小林, 太一23-Mar-2018
Primary cilia regulate mandibular developmentKitamura, Atsushi; 北村, 厚23-Mar-2018
介助磨きの姿勢は歯みがき運動と歯垢除去効果に影響する村井, 朋代23-Mar-2018