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Title :球圧子の押込硬さ試験方式を利用した高分子材料のヤング率測定法
Title alternative :The Measuring Method about Young's Modulus of Plastics Using the Indenting Hardness Test by a Spherical Indenter
Authors :石橋, 達弥
下田, 茂
古川, 徹
新田, 勇
吉田, 秀敏
Publisher :日本機械学会
Issue Date :Nov-1987
Journal Title :日本機械学会論文集. A編
Volume :53
Issue :495
Start Page :2193
End Page :2202
ISSN :03875008
Description :This study aims at investigating the performance of a hardness testing machine. First, the phenomenon of a contact between a rigid sperical indenter and a plastic material is considered. By using Hertz's elastic contact law, the Young's modulus of plastics Es can be calculated from Eq. (1) using the cordal diameter of an indentation d, the elastic recovery of an indentation δ_r and the indenting load L : E_s = 0.9(3/2) L/(d δ_r)…(1) From the geometrical relation at the contact part, the contacting diameter d_c and the surface level diameter d_l are derived as follows. (δ_t : the total depth) : d_c = 2[D(δ_t-δ_r/2){1-(δ_t-δ_r/2)/D}]^<1/2>…(2), d_l = 2[Dδ_t×(1-δ_t/D)}^<1/2>…(3) Furthermore, the mean strain rate under the elastic recovery by a spherical indenter is related to the strain rate under the uniaxial stress field. Finally, the indenting experiments are carried out, δ_r and δ_t are measured so that a cordal diameter d is formulated as follows : d = d_l{1.71-0.707(d_l/d_c)}…(4) When the Young's moduli calculated from δ_t and δ_r using Eqs. (1)-(4) are compared to the Young's moduli measured from a compression test, their Young's values consist within an accuracy of about ±5-10%. Therefore, the measuring method about Young's modulus of plastics using the indenting hardness test by a spherical indenter can be applied to the present hardness testing machines.
Keywords :Material Testing
Measuring Method
Young's Modulus of Plastics
Spherical Indenter Mean Strain Rate
Performance of Hardness Machine
Type Local :学術雑誌論文
Language :jpn
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10191/1768
fullTextURL :http://dspace.lib.niigata-u.ac.jp/dspace/bitstream/10191/1768/1/3_0002.pdf
Rights :日本機械学会
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