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Title :地域における児童虐待相談をいかに進めるか : 児童相談所の初期対応と市町村相談体制の現況調査をとおして
Title alternative :How to work together in the local communities to protect child abuse and neglect : Analysis of early actions in response to referrals followed by a research interview with the local community staff on the present state of child and domestic affairs consultations
Authors :鈴木, 昭
藤沢, 直子
水品, きく枝
馬場, 菜緒
堀井, 愛子
笠井, 友治郎
Publisher :新潟歯学会
Issue Date :Dec-2007
Journal Title :新潟歯学会雑誌
Volume :37
Issue :2
Start Page :187
End Page :200
ISSN :0385-0153
Abstract :児童福祉法, 児童虐待防止法各改正法が施行され, 市町村は新しく児童虐待等の相談を担うことになった。本調査は, 新潟県内の児童相談所, 市町村における相談の現況と課題について明らかにし, これからの地域における児童虐待相談の発展に資することを目的に実施した。児童虐待相談では, 通告初期の判断と対応が以後の展開に大きな影響を与えると考えられることから, 先ず, 新潟県の児童相談所で平成16年度に受理した249件の虐待通告について通告受付票をもとに初期対応について検討した。この結果, 現地での確認が必要であると判断し訪問を実施した通告が207件(83.1%)に達し, このうち訪問先で職権により分離保護したものが52件(25.1%)に及んでいた。また, 通告受理時の段階ですでに虐待防止に関する要支援の状況が浮き彫りになっており, 児童虐待問題の改善, 解決には初期の段階から地域との協働が必要であると考えられた。次に市町村相談担当者からの聞き取り調査結果からは, 各改正法の施行と前後して市町村合併が進行し, これを機に新しい相談体制整備の機運が出てきているものの, 担当者は多くの困難を抱え, 児童相談所に対する技術的支援の要望が強いことが分かった。児童虐待相談を進めるうえで明らかになったこれらの課題は, 児童虐待相談そのものに内在する困難性と市町村における専門的な相談技能を有する人材不足との両者に起因しているものと思量された。児童虐待相談をめぐるこれらの課題を解決し, 児童虐待のない地域づくりをすすめていくために, 児童相談所は自ら有している相談援助のノウハウを分かりやすいかたちで市町村に伝え,いっそう連携と役割分担を進めていく必要があると考えられた。
Under the newly improved law of Child Welfare Act and Prevention Act of child abuse and neglect, the local communities have started child and domestic affairs consultations, especially related with prevention of child abuse and neglect. To develop a child protection system at the local community level, we studied the present state and problem of the new consultation system. First, because early management at referrals would affect the contingent process of protecting children, we investigated the early actions in response to 249 referrals of children who were abused, neglected, or suspected of being abused or neglected, as reported to the Niigata Prefectural Child Guidance Center in 2004. The results of this study showed that 207 (83%) abused and/or neglected children required home visits, in order to decide upon the necessity of protection by separation from the family. Out of these, 52 (25%) children were judged to be significantly harmed and were immediately protected. These results indicate that, to prevent child abuse and/or neglect and support those families, we must work together with the local communities at the early stage of abuse and/or neglect referral. Second, we held a research interview with the local community staff on the present state of child and domestic affairs consultations, especially related with prevention of child abuse and neglect. The results of this research showed that although the organization of child and domestic affairs consultations were strengthened in many local communities, the staff working in these areas confronted many difficulties and often sought technical advice from the Prefectural Child Guidance Clinic. These difficulties were caused not only by the intrinsic nature of child protection and domestic affairs consultation themselves, but also by insufficient professional staff who can perform specific tasks. To solve these problems of the local community staff, so that each staff member should be able to provide an effective service, as well as to develop community ability of preventing child abuse and neglect, Niigata Prefectural Child Guidance Clinic must work together with the local communities and they must share the explicit tasks between them.
Keywords :児童虐待通告referral of child abuse and neglec
初期対応early response
児童虐待防止prevention of child abuse and neglect
市町村連携local community working together
Type Local :紀要論文
Language :jpn
Format :application/pdf
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10191/22814
fullTextURL :http://dspace.lib.niigata-u.ac.jp/dspace/bitstream/10191/22814/1/NS_37(2)_187-200.pdf
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