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Title :看護学生の危険予知に関する研究 : 小児臨床写真を用いた視線運動と観察による分析
Title alternative :Study of Risk Assessment among nursing students : Analysis of eye movements and observation intentions using clinical pediatric photos
Authors :五十嵐, 真理
田中, 千晶
住吉, 智子
坂本, 信
田中, 美央
渡邉, タミ子
Publisher :新潟大学医学部保健学科
Issue Date :Mar-2014
Journal Title :新潟大学保健学雑誌
Volume :11
Issue :1
Start Page :17
End Page :24
ISSN :2188-4617
Abstract :本研究の目的は,小児臨床写真を観察している時の視線運動と,その観察意図から,卒業年次の看護学生の危険予知の実態を明らかにすることである.大学4年生の看護学生11名を対象に,小児臨床写真を1分間観察させた後,その視線運動の解析ならびに面接調査から分析を行った。写真は危険を予知できる8領域を区分し,その領域間の注視回数,注視時間を比較した。その結果,以下の点が明らかとなった。対象者は,画面から危険を探ろうとする視線の動きと探索的な観察法を認めた.危険予知の内容では,転倒・転落は多くの対象者が指摘したが,輸液の間違いや薬剤無投与の危険について発言した者はいなかった。
This study aims to clarify the actual ability of nursing students to assess medication error risks using clinical pediatric photos. Photos were shown to eleven 4th year university students who were allowed to observe for 1 minute and their eye movements were analyzed along with the results of interviews conducted with the students. Photos consisted of 8 risks that students should be able to assess and each photo was divided into 8 sections with one risk in each section. Gaze count and time were compared for each of these 8 sections. The results of this analysis are as follows. It was acknowledged that subjects’ eyes were moving as they tried to screen the whole photo for risks and that they were using exploratory observation methods. Many of the subjects were able to assess the risk of children falling out of their beds. However, no subjects noticed the risks of errors in volume of intravenous fluids or the risks of non-administration of medication for children.
Keywords :看護学生
Nursing students
Risk assessment
Eye movement
Clinical pediatric photos
Type Local :紀要論文
Language :jpn
Format :application/pdf
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10191/38933
fullTextURL :http://dspace.lib.niigata-u.ac.jp/dspace/bitstream/10191/38933/1/11(1)_17-24.pdf
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