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Title :医療処置を受ける小児に関わる看護師の医師との協働的実践に対する認識調査
Title alternative :Awareness study of collaborative practice with physicians among nurses who work with children who undergo medical procedures
Authors :沼野, 博子
住吉, 智子
渡邉, タミ子
Publisher :新潟大学医学部保健学科
Issue Date :Mar-2017
Journal Title :新潟大学保健学雑誌
Volume :14
Issue :1
Start Page :59
End Page :67
ISSN :2188-4617
Abstract :本研究は,医療処置を受ける小児に関わる看護師と医師の協働を向上するための示唆を得る第一段階 として,看護師の協働的実践に関する認識とその関連要因を明らかにすることを目的とした。CPS (Collaborative Practice Scales)日本語版を用い,自記式質問紙調査を実施した。対象はCPSの全項目に回答した看護師212名(有効回答率90.2%)とした。結果,看護師の「医師との協働的実践」に関する認識は低く,「小児看護経験年数」,現在勤務する病棟の「病棟種別」,「配属希望の有無」,「プレパレーションの意味の認識と学習経験」,「ケアモデルの実践」に関する認識が中程度の相関を示し,「看護活動におけるチームワーク」に関する認識は弱い相関を示した。医師との協働が向上するには,小児看護の経験的学習と専門知識の向上,組織的な取り組みとして1.ケアモデルを基盤とした病棟内の教育支援,2.病棟特性を踏まえた教育体制の構築,3.小児看護に特化した看護経験が積めるような配属希望への配慮の必要性が示唆された。
The purpose of this study was to clarify the awareness of nurses who work with children who are undergoing medical procedures concerning collaborative practice with physicians and factors related to this. The Japanese edition of CPS (Collaborative Practice Scales) was used to create a questionnaire to be filled in by nurses. The subjects were 212 nurses who responded to all CPS categories (valid response rate: 90.2%).The results showed that overall awareness of nurses who work with children concerning collaborative practice with physicians was low and that there was a fair correlation between the number of years of experience of paediatric nurses, the type of ward that the nurse was currently working on, whether the nurse has any preferences concerning assignment, awareness and learning experience concerning the significance of preparation and awareness of care model practice as well as a weak correlation with awareness of teamwork in nursing activities. In order to improve collaborative practice between nurses who work with children undergoing medical procedures and physicians, it is necessary to improve the experiential learning and professional knowledge of paediatric nursing. It was suggested that, in order to do this, organizational initiatives such as 1. supporting training on wards based on care models, 2.constructing a training system based on the features of the ward and 3. considering nurses’ wishes concerning assignment in order to accumulate specific experience as paediatric nurses are require.
Keywords :看護師 : 医師関係
nurse-physician relationship
paediatric nurse
care model
Type Local :紀要論文
Language :jpn
Format :application/pdf
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10191/47198
fullTextURL :http://dspace.lib.niigata-u.ac.jp/dspace/bitstream/10191/47198/1/14(1)_59-67.pdf
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