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1 Earnings Response Coefficient and Default Risk in Japanese stock market / Kai, Hisao -- Mar-2002 Working Papers Vol.35 p.1-20
2 Investment strategy for a multinational enterprise : R&D investment and foreign direct investment / Serizawa, Nobuko -- Mar-2005 Working Papers Vol.50 p.1-20
3 Economic Restructuring and Thorough Internationalization in Slovenia : a Small Country's Strategy for Survival and Development / Koyama, Yoji -- Mar-2001 Working Papers Vol.29 p.1-26
4 不確実性下の委託研究開発 : 競争と効率性 / 芹澤, 伸子 -- Mar-2005 Working Papers Vol.58 p.1-14
5 The Concept of Economic Area of the Japan Sea Rim and the Role of Niigata / Koyama, Yoji -- Mar-1994 Working Papers Vol.1 p.1-17
6 Strategic incentives in a subsidized mixed duopoly / Serizawa, Nobuko -- Mar-1999 Working Papers Vol.23 p.2-13
7 セル生産における人的資源管理 / 咲川, 孝 -- Jan-2006 Working Papers Vol.61 p.1-46
8 Use of JSDT Dialysis Tables to Compare the Local and National Incidence of Dialysis / Wakasugi, Minako,Kazama, Junichiro James,Narita, Ichiei -- Wiley-Blackwell2012-2Therapeutic Apheresis and Dialysis Vol.16 no.1 p.63-67
9 High Mortality Rate of Infectious Diseases in Dialysis Patients : A Comparison with the General Population in Japan / Wakasugi, Minako,Kawamura, Kazuko,Yamamoto, Suguru,Kazama, Junichiro James,Narita, Ichiei -- Wiley-Blackwell2012-6Therapeutic Apheresis and Dialysis Vol.16 no.3 p.226-231
10 基本高水流量の算出過程に関する検討と合理的決定方法の考察 / 佐藤, 裕和,大熊, 孝 --